Advanced Strategies for Slots Gamblers

There are several different strategies that players try to use on the online slot games; most of them do not work at all. Slot machines are all about luck and they are completely random because of which in most cases these strategies do not work. However, there are a few advanced strategies, which are used at slot machines and the players claim that they work for them like a standard deviation.

It's also great to try some slots and pokies online for free. Australian online casinos offer many interesting details for pokies admirers. If you are looking for an even bigger selection of free casino games to try out, you can also visit some of European or American sites . It helps a lot to play games for free to test your strategies for playing slots.

Standard Deviation


Standard Deviation strategy is used in many forms in other casino games and for many players they claim that it even works on slot machines. The strategy involves use of a mathematical equation in order to determine the spins, on which the machine is most likely to give out a winning combination. The actual calculation and the formula are quite advanced and a little confusing but with a little practice it can be done quickly without having to use a calculator. For comparison you can try one play strategy.

The Steps

Given below are the steps which have to be followed in order to use standard deviation for slot machines:

  • The first step is to select a slot machine which offers equal ratio play. What this means is that the slot game would give you the same payout for each level of play. If you bet 40 cents the jackpot would be 4 times the amount if you bet 10 cents.
  • The strategy can help you calculate standard deviation of the number of spins between every win. In order to do this, you would have to bet the minimum amount in order to find out how many spins you have to go through before you win something. Players generally use a notepad and a pen in order to record it. The cycle has to be repeated around 10 times in order to get an average.
  • After you have played 10 cycles and have recorded the wins you would have to take out an average of all the numbers. Then you would have the standard deviation for that particular slot machine game. If, for example, you find out that the wins occur after around 10 to 20 spins then the standard deviation for that machine would be 15. You would then know that in order to have better chances of winning on that machine you would have to go on betting the minimum amount for 14 spins and on the 15th spin you would have to bet the maximum amount. However, this might not work every time with accuracy but it might give you the edge.

Players would have to keep in mind that they should use the strategy on the slot machines, which offer the highest payout percentage in order to get the best results. If you select a slot machine carefully, which offers a payout of 98% you would be able to create a decent amount of profit for yourself. When combined with careful slot machine selection, the strategy of standard deviation can be quite powerful and can help players win a good amount of money. Also choosing the machine is very important in your game.

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Slot Tips

Slot Tips

You might be disappointed as the there are no strategies that actually work in slot games. It is a game of chance and only your destiny settles the outcome of the game.

But at the same time there are some specific moments you should pay your attention to. The primary one is what type of slots to gamble at. If you have never questioned yourself this simple thing, so you should start if you do not want to waste your time and cash. There are other important aspects of online gaming, which you should know and apply. Those are called slot tips.

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