Not-Working Slot Machine Strategies

There are dozens of different slot machine guides and strategies, which can be found on the internet today that state that players can win at slot machines using these strategies. However, when it comes to slot machines there is not much that players can do in order to win. There are also dozens of books, authors of which try to sell certain groundbreaking strategy, which can help players to win. However, slot machines are all about luck and chance. There are only a few things and tips, which can help players make the best of their gaming experience and certainly nothing which can ensure that they win all the time.

Given below are a few examples of slot machine strategies that don't work:

Bet Sizing


Slot machines work on random a number generator, which means that the program would continuously keep on generating symbol combinations every second. What this means for the player is that the chance of hitting the jackpot is the same for every single spin. Bet sizing, no matter how well it is done and has been planned will not have any impact at all on slot machines or the RNG system. The computer would not know what you have bet or what you had bet in the previous spins and for this reason bet sizing is not a working slot machine strategy, but rather a method to prevent you from huge losses.

Loose Slots

There are plenty of people, who do believe that there are loose slots, which would give out jackpots easier than other machines. This is part of the appeal to players, finding the loose slot machine. However, there is no such thing as a loose slot machine. Generally people believe that these machines would be placed in areas where everyone can notice you winning and in this way to attract more visitors to casinos. In fact, there are no loose machines at casinos, there are only those which have high payout rate.

Play Charting

Slot machines can be won only through luck. The play charting strategy is again very well advertised and widely believed but it is not really helpful when it comes to slot games. Play charting can only help you keep to track what you can win and what are your loses at the particular game. This, definitely, is a good idea since it helps players manage their money better. However, with the help of play charting you can still not track sequences in slot machines or figure out which ones are the best. Do not forget about the slots myths and facts, as there are hundreds of the false stories.

All slot machines today work on RNG, which are quite tough to beat. There is absolutely nothing that players can do, not even cheat. Cheating at slot machines today is almost impossible so it is best to just forget about it and just have fun playing slots. Slot machines are totally random and there is no pattern, due to which the winning can be achieved. Trying to figure it out is like wasting time over something that is impossible. Slots should be played just for fun and entertainment since they were made solely for that. The above mentioned examples just are to show that most strategies do not work with slot machines.

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Slot Tips

Slot Tips

You might be disappointed as the there are no strategies that actually work in slot games. It is a game of chance and only your destiny settles the outcome of the game.

But at the same time there are some specific moments you should pay your attention to. The primary one is what type of slots to gamble at. If you have never questioned yourself this simple thing, so you should start if you do not want to waste your time and cash. There are other important aspects of online gaming, which you should know and apply. Those are called slot tips.

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